Tuesday, March 11, 2014

utah's flea market season kicks off in style at the second annual vintage whites market in salt lake city

outfit - moto jacket :: bebe | dress :: bohme | tights :: bebe | boots :: aldo | belt :: charlotte russe (I think) | sunglasses :: juicy couture | earrings :: bohme | starfish cuff :: shopcalico | leather wristband :: c/o salvage west | bag :: volcom

When I left for the Vintage Whites Market Saturday morning, I was under the delusion I had done a decent job of hiding my baby bump - a dream that was shattered within moments of arriving when vendors immediately began directing me to collections of baby stuff. At seven months in, I've finally lost the battle for my abdomen; I did, however, win the vintage-baby-shopping game by snagging some pretty sweet stuff for Baby Kumquat at killer prices that afternoon.

After a full day of shopping, I typically come home to almost instantaneous regret over how much money I spent - Saturday's Vintage Whites Market in downtown Salt Lake City was a rare exception. In fact, I spent the rest of the weekend mourning the items I passed up and wishing I could go back. I did, however, score a beautiful lavender dresser from Sweet Pea Pickers for Kumquat's nursery, in addition to a red vintage purse from Maeberry Vintage, some killer jewelry from Freckles & Company, an adorable floral newborn dress from 58 Bluebirds and a random assortment of odds and ends (like skeleton keys and a couple of old brooches) from a few different vendors that I spent Sunday turning into jewelry.

The Second Annual Vintage Whites Market, held at the Utah State Fairgrounds on March 8th, was flat out amazing and a huge success from my perspective. Unfortunately, I arrived a little late and missed the fashion show, but there was still plenty to do and see. While it's true that the best selection is available first thing in the morning, before the booths are picked over, the end of the day is the best time for bartering - especially for larger/more expensive items, like Kumquat's new dresser. The gal at the Sweet Pea Pickers booth was absolutely adorable and gave me a great deal, and her dad was even kind enough to lug my new acquisition out to my car for me.

The Vintage Whites Market was the perfect kick-off to this year's garage sale and flea market season, with plenty more to come. Click here for a calendar of upcoming events in Utah, and make sure to subscribe to the blog for reminders, sneak previews and tons of pretty pictures (use Bloglovin' or Google Reader, or subscribe via email, to your right).

Did you make it to Saturday's Vintage Whites Market, or did you attend one of the other events in the Salt Lake area that afternoon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

If you're organizing a market or event and would like your event featured or listed on this website, please feel free to drop me an email at jennifer@frayed-threads.com with the details.

Friday, March 7, 2014

you're invited: vintage whites market in salt lake city

the entrance to last year's vintage whites market
the invite to this year's affair
the schedule for the 2014 vintage whites market in salt lake city

If you missed last year's Vintage Whites Market at the Utah State Fairgrounds, you definitely missed out. Packed full of great vendors and awesome vintage goodies, it came complete with some crafty classes and a killer fashion show. Check out this post for more about last year's event and some tips for vintage shopping.

Lucky for you (and for all Utah style & vintage addicts), we don't have to wait much longer for our second fix. The Second Annual Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City will be held tomorrow, March 8th, from 10am to 5pm at the Utah State Fairgrounds. The vendors will have everything from vintage clothing and accessories to antique furniture, decor, appliances and kitchenware. Last year, I snagged a few bagfuls of vintage jewelry in addition to a beautiful red purse and a black clutch that are absolutely my favorites for going out, all for less than $50 bucks. This year, I'm hoping to find some neat stuff to deck out Baby Kumquat's nursery and some jewelry in slight disrepair that can be broken down for my accessory making operation.

This year's affair, like last year's, will also feature a number of crafty classes and a vintage fashion show. Scroll up for tomorrow's schedule, and get the full scoop on Facebook. Admission is just $6 for the day, and gets you into the market as well as all of the events (except for the paper wreath making class - there is an extra charge for supplies and it requires a reservation). There will be food vendors, but for the full experience, I suggest booking the High Tea Luncheon - but do it fast, because it does require a reservation and pre-payment.

I'll be hanging around the market most of the day, so be sure to drop me a line if you make it down (email is great - jennifer@frayed-threads.com). I hope to see you there!

For more details and giveaways, be sure to check out the Vintage Whites gals on Facebook and the VWM Blog. You can also find all of the event info for tomorrow's market here, and check back Sunday for a recap of the market and fashion show.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

baby bump update: 27 weeks + giveaway

dress :: connected apparel | moto jacket :: bebe | loafers :: forever 21 | purse :: aldo | watch :: carbon by rue 21 | leather wristband :: c/o salvage west | sunglasses :: juicy couture | earrings :: bohme | owl big sis necklace :: claire's | moccasin necklace :: from my grandma | ring :: forever 21

At 27 weeks, I finally have a baby-looking bump. While I had gained some weight prior to 23 weeks, most of what you see here appeared over the last month. Kumquat has definitely had a growth spurt and I can feel her straining against my belly as she tries to Zumba-dance her way out of there. I sincerely hope her penchant for bedtime violence is not an indicator of things to come.

Before this watermelon sprouted on my midsection, I had been under the delusion that I might be able to squeak through my pregnancy in low-rise skinny jeans and tunic tops, but I'm quickly realizing just how ridiculous that thought was. Instead, I've found myself regularly turning to the empire waisted dresses and billowy sweaters that line my closet rods, like this beautifully patterned maxi dress. I also recently invested in a couple pairs of palazzo trousers and a collection of fleece-lined leggings from an adorable boutique by my work called Whimsy - and they're the closest I'm going to get to maternity wear (look for them in an upcoming post).

Fortunately, the preterm labor symptoms I mentioned a couple weeks ago seem to have mostly tapered off and I'm adjusting to all of the new and weird shit that's happening to my body. We're teetering on the cusp of the third trimester, and although there are certainly things to be whined about, I think we've convinced her she needs a little more baking before she can join her furrier siblings in annoying the crap out of her father.

In the meantime, I'm left to endure a variety of aches, pains and random hormone surges for three more months. I'm trying desperately to avoid giving into the urge to wear yoga pants every day (though, admittedly, I have given in once...) and to make it through the second half of each day without bursting into tears (mornings are a hopeless battle - don't ask my why). The closer we come to her due date, the more I worry about everything that might go wrong, and the more paranoid I become about how everything I do might affect Kumquat. I've had a series of intensely disturbing nightmares over the last few weeks, and I have to admit to being deeply worried over my nutrition (or lack thereof) and what repercussions that might have for our baby girl.

But letting paranoia rule my thoughts will do more harm than good, so I'm just trying to zero in on the good stuff - like her constant kicking and the adorable clothes starting to fill the nursery closet. Some moments are easier than others.

My belly button feels like it's about to pop out.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

shimmery new toys: ns minerals make up

I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with the shiny new stuff found in my February MercoBox box, but after doing some research, I learned that the sparkly powders by NS Minerals that were included are actually pigments that can be used for a variety of beauty purposes, including eye shadow, blush, etc. I pulled them out last week and spent some time face painting and creating new looks with the shimmery powders.

The medium-hued purple is definitely my fave (shade OR-7) - it's a universally flattering eye shadow that works around the clock. The first day, I wore it by itself and although the color lasted all day, it had lost some of its shimmer by bedtime.* The next day, I blended it into the crease above some matte pink shadow for a perfect daytime smoky eye - it's dark enough to provide the right amount of shading, but light enough that it's not too dramatic for lunchtime.

I was hoping that the coraly pink (shade SV-1) would also work as an eye shadow, but the hue was just a little off for my skin tone. However, I do think it would make a lovely blush for someone a little less pale.

The one thing I noticed about both pigments is that they're better applied directly with fingertips as opposed to make up brushes; while the brushes deposited the color okay, fingertip application definitely made the color more vibrant and shimmery.

Have you tried NS Minerals? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and check out their website to learn more about this local Utah company. Get the full scoop on MercoLocal and their February box in this post.

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*In the interest of full disclosure, I do wear Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion on a daily basis. I don't know how well these pigments last on their own, without a primer.